Friday, September 24, 2010

First Blog: Overview & Goals

Hello friends,

       The majority of the time you will find me complaining about how much I hate my job on this blog, however all is not bad. Most of the content will be completely over-exaggerated and drawn out accounts from an extremely bias point of view (mine) regarding the customers in my day-to-day activities that seriously piss me off/ stress me out/ make my life miserable. 

        You've probably thought that every car salesman is a total piece of shit, whose sole purpose in life is to rip you off and play you like a fiddle in order to make a dime. This is true, in part, for most of the fine gentlemen/women in the profession. However, some of us are genuinely there in order to help you get into a vehicle that suits your requirements (price, space, size, fuel economy, etc..). I've dealt with certain customers for months, spending hours and hours with them and they still think I'd steal their wallet if they left it in front of me. I can understand the stereotype though (based on some people I work with).

I'll keep it to one quick blog for tonight:

Mr. M came into my dealership looking for a vehicle that is in short supply. Naturally, in this case, you'd expect the dealership to totally rip you off and not budge on the price, etc. After going on a couple of test drives and finding out we have the exact vehicle he was looking for in the correct color, we sit down to go over pricing. We're in cash incentives right now; tons of cash incentives. What does his translate into? Cash off. Lots of it. Mr. M tells me he'd like to be at $700.00 / Month all in (including taxes, fee's, etc). After working over the numbers, I'm at $781 over 60 months (81*60 = $4860 difference fags) and have little hope of coming to some sort of agreement on price. 

After going over the difference with Mr. M, he takes my card and heads off, declaring that he will be in contact with me as we have the only car around that he is looking for. Fast forward a couple of hours, low and behold he calls me.


"Hey Mr.M"

"Alright, I talked to my wife and I can move my budget up to $725.00 / Month, all in"

"Okie, let me run it by my manager and see what he says. I think we're still way too far apart though."

"Let me know, if you can do $725 I'll be in this afternoon to finish the paperwork"

"Ok, bye"


So I head over to my manager, partially in jest because the deal would be outrageous at the price he wanted. I present my offer to him and he figures out with his lovely programs on the computer. After a few minutes he turns to me and says $725.00 is fine, tell him to come in we need to sell this car. I think to myself, "rofl great", call up Mr. M:

"Hey Mr.M , I have some great news, my manager has accepted your offer at $725.00 / Month and we can have it ready by tomorrow"

"Ohh great! Let me get my wife and we'll be down tonight"

This was September 16th. Today is the 23rd. I've called my friend Mr. M fairly frequently but he seems to have jumped ship. Won't answer the phone and won't call me back.

Why have you abandoned me Mr. M?



  1. I think I'm going to love your blog. It's got a great goal. Damn that Mr. M

  2. Haha sorry about that; you've got it rough. Maybe Mr. M will call you eventually? Or not. Following you for more tales from the sales.
    (Maybe you should name your blog that)

  3. He probably doesn't want to buy it from you because you're a car salesmen. You guys come on WAY too strong sometimes.