Friday, September 24, 2010

I sold a truck... a month ago.

A month ago I sold a truck (one of many) and I gave it my typical fuck yeah face:

It was a dealer trade, meaning we didn't have it in our inventory but would find it from another dealer. The next day, we find and secure the truck and again I sport my victory face. A couple days go by and I ask my manager daily if my truck is coming, which he ensures me it is. After a week or so I sit down and ask where the living fuck is my truck; so we call the dealer while I'm there.

Oh terrific, they sold it. You can see the date of this blog, September 24th 2010. I sold the vehicle on August 28th 2010 and we have yet to find a replacement truck; all because my manager was too lazy and complacent to send over a check and a driver. Every day now I come in and ask the same question, to get the same answer, "No truck yet". My customer is ready to pull my nuts apart with his teeth and I dunno wtf to do. My face as of late will stay the same until he either cancels the deal or I find a truck.

The worst part is I'll only be getting paid $115.00 if we ever find his truck.